Haluk Özyavuz

As a food enthusiast who enjoys the colors of the life better reflected on his plate, I continue my 40 years of pursuit of “good food.” Blessed with the excitement still as fresh as the first day, I still explore, learn and travel. I feel excited and honored with the opportunity to share my experience with you my fellow foodies.

About Me
Haluk Özyavuz

Epicure: Paris’in En Keyifli Avlusu

Epicure Restaurant, Paris'in tadını güzel havalarda çıkarmak isteyenler için hem göze hem damağa hitap edecek nefis bir seçenek.

Recipes to Inspire

A collection of recipes varying from our love-drenched home-cooked tastes to world cuisine, traditional flavors and new fusion dishes with inspirations from different countries…


Su Böreği with Minced Meat

Since ready-made phyllo became popular, pastry recipes have become less of a matter of skills and taste!

Adana-style İçli Köfte Recipe

Although it originated in Lebanon, İçli köfte (pronounced as eech-lee kof-tey) entered Turkish cuisine and can now be listed as another Turkish food that requires a lot of work just like mantı (Turkish dumplings) and yaprak sarması (Turkish-style stuffed vine leaves).

A Sweet Feast With Only 4 Ingredients: Crème Caramel

Some desserts need some time to rest to reach its sweet potential… No matter how much you want to scavenge around the refrigerator for an unripe bite out of that dessert, you have to wait for it to mature into the best taste it has to offer…

A New Trend to Delight Your Sweet Tooth: La Vina-Style Cheesecake

It has suddenly become all the rage among the Turkish restaurants and patisseries: La Vina-style cheesecake…

Flavor Bomb in Stone Oven: Atom Koko Pide

We’ve created an awesome recipe which will take the queen of the offal...

Gastronomy and Rituals

Interesting facts about the culinary world, niche interests such as cigars and coffee and their rituals…

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Denizlerin Afrodizyağı İstiridye Ritüeli

Taze istiridye nasıl anlaşılır, nasıl kabuğundan ayırıp yemek gerekir? İşte size yardımcı olacak birkaç ipucu...

Tsukiji: A Morning Tour in the World’s Biggest Fish Market

Ignore what I said above! By morning, I mean it was 3:00 am when we woke up and set off for Tsukiji.

A Smoke-free World And Cigars

As for my personal choice, a cigar cannot be smoked without a companion, no beverages, unprepared and anywhere

Third Wave Of Turkish Coffee

Nowadays, there are people who wince at these tasteless, ordinary coffees and search for specialty coffees

Coffee of the Week

A cup of happiness at my mother’s home!
Have a lovely week...

Turkish Coffee

Gevrek and Ginger Gallery

Izmir Gourmet Guide Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

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