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Colorful and exciting food stops with epicurean tastes that discredit the prejudice that reduces the American cuisine to the hamburger triteness…

Gratitude: How to be a Vegan in Los Angeles

On my latest trip to Los Angeles, I observed that vegetarian, vegan and “raw food” based diets have become more popular among the youth.

Catch: A Romantic Terrace in the Heavens above Hollywood

Catch is one of the restaurants that I enjoyed for the first time on my latest trip to Los Angeles. While it was last year when it opened its doors in Hollywood, many famous names have now become regulars of the restaurant.

Gwen: An Example from Los Angeles for All-Show Steakhouse Owners to Follow

Social media has recently been occupied by chefs who try to show off their meaningless knife skills while trying to slice some meat, and those who try to look different by boiling meat in butter (!). Ultimately, numerous restaurants call themselves steakhouse but cannot go beyond buffoonery at the expense of their quality.

Melisse: A Typical French in Los Angeles

It is a romantic spot located in Santa Monica

Roberta’s: Artisan Pizza At Its Most Colorful, Brooklyn

Roberta’s has been run by 2-star Chef Carlo Mirarchi

Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare: A Hidden Gem Of New York City

It is the only restaurant in Brooklyn with three Michelin star

Katz’s Delicatessen: Century-old Sandwich Of New York

Katz’s Deli is the kind of place no our dear follower should just pass by

Stylish Dishes From New York City: Eleven Madison Park

New York City contains all the attractions one city can have

Alice in Los Angeles: The Bazaar by José Andrés

I recommend it to the people who think “a restaurant should be as pleasurable to the eye as it is to the palate!”